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Posted May 3rd, 2011

Securis Shreds 18,000 Tapes in 1.5 Days

Today marked a very cool milestone for Securis, we just completed one of the biggest shredding jobs we’ve ever done with our mobile shredding truck. We are very excited and thought we would share the moment with some of our customers and readers of our blog.

Over the last two days (well actually 1.5 days) we shredded 18,000 DLT back up tapes for a customer in New York City. It took only 12 hours to complete this job for the customer—this included capturing all of the serial numbers on the tapes so that they would have a complete audit trail ensuring accountability of the destruction process. The other great part of this entire job is that the shredding took place right on the customer’s dock! The customer did not want any type of shipping or chain of custody issues so they wanted us to come right to the data center and shred the material while they watched.

“No problem,” we said, “What time would you like for us to start?”

This was the first big test of our new mobile shredding equipment and looking at the results, it passed with flying colors! We are very eager about our shredding and data capture capabilities and we are looking forward to even bigger jobs in the future. Also, a huge thanks to our Securis staff that went up and performed a job well done—we couldn’t have made this happen without you!

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