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Posted Jul 18th, 2011

Securis to Sponsor Bisnow’s Data Center Boom

The Bisnow Data Center Boom event, scheduled for July 20th, 2011, will present vital information  related to cloud computing and the implications for the future. The event invitation notes that “ the rapid movement to cloud computing is driving demand for data centers and storage facilities faster than anyone would have imagined.” Bisnow and data center experts will discuss four topics:

  • What is driving demand for data centers, and what are users requiring?
  • What new technologies are required to meet these needs?
  • What does Federal data center consolidation mean?
  • Where are the opportunities for the data center providers and the commercial real estate community involved in this asset class?

Securis, Inc will be one of the few companies sponsoring the event. A presentation by Jeremy Farber, CEO, will encompass a discussion about secure data disposal and the resources available to companies that have old data to destroy. Data center professionals will learn from Jeremy that disposal of data is as important as its security. A live demonstration of our hard drive shredding machine is scheduled to air during the panel presentation.

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