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Securis E-Waste Recycling Services

Electronics recyclingIf Your Electronics Recycling Program Isn’t Secure, It Isn’t Responsible.

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Your intention, of course, is to dispose of your decommissioned, retired or unused electronics, IT assets and electronic waste in the most environmentally responsible manner. You need a provider with the proven expertise, processes and track record to ensure your e-waste ends up where it is supposed to—not in a landfill or overseas; and meet the necessary federal regulations for proper e-waste disposal.

From your data center, corporate office or employees’ desktops to our facilities, Securis ensures that the IT asset recycling process is secure, convenient and compliant. This end-to-end process includes:

We are trusted by Fortune 500 companies and federal government agencies for secure electronic waste recycling, Securis offers the following e-waste recycling services:

Securis E-Waste and IT Asset Recycling Features

  • Drop offs
  • Certificate of Recycling and Destruction
  • Collection bins (extra accommodation for special circumstances)
  • Scheduled pick-up time
  • Recurring Pick-up times
  • Scanning for Inventory record/ asset tracking
  • Weight reporting
  • LEED project reporting
  • Count of IT assets

Securis Staff Security

  • Background checks through Kroll
  • Fingerprint records
  • ID badges
  • Significant training
  • Lead security technicians
  • 2-way Mobile communication devices
  • Drug tests on all employees

Securis Process Security

  • Secure storage and transportation bins
  • Locked truck
  • Scanners used to record serial numbers for inventory
  • Asset tagging for tracking of equipment without serial numbers
  • NAID Certified for mobile operations
  • Attend to media to be destroyed at all time
  • Customers receive certificate of destruction

Securis Facility Security

  • Camera surveillance
  • Secure access controls
  • NAID Certified plant
  • Escorts for visitors to the plant
  • Dedicated area for processing and destroying