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Posted Jul 18th, 2012

Prevent Data Breaches: Tools and Resources

With Yahoo added to the mix of breach victims this week, companies should be very alert and aware of the risks that can lead to a data breach, thus exposing your name in the news headlines. Despite the billions of dollars spent on activities like securing networks, encrypting drives, and training employees, malevolent activity is inevitable. Nevertheless, we believe in having a proper plan in place that will allow your company to protect, defend, and respond in the event of a data breach. Below, we’ve provided you with a few tools we think could help you determine your company’s risk and develop a cohesive response plan:

Data Breach Calculator: Brought to you by Symantec and the Ponemon Institute, use this calculator to estimate your risk exposure and determine how much a breach could cost your organization

How to Deal with a Data Breach: The Federal Trade Commission provides general guidance on how to deal with an information compromise. This website posts data loss incidents as they happen and allows visitors to learn how other companies are dealing with data breaches.

Don’t forget about the last 100 yards. While billions may be spent on corporate network security efforts, many organizations are forgetting about the last piece of data vulnerability: when it’s decommissioned. Check out our Data Destruction Vendor Checklist to find out how your company should determine who takes care of data devices that are no longer active on the network.

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