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Proprietary Device Destruction

Securis’ proprietary device destruction process provides organizations, government, and government agencies with the peace of mind that their proprietary designs won’t end up in the wrong hands. Our complete shredding services can be performed onsite at the customer’s premises or in our secure, access-controlled facilities. Securis utilizes an industrial shredder to completely destroy circuit boards, conductors, sensors, drones, communication devices, and other proprietary equipment into unrecognizable fragments making them non-redeployable and non-remarketable.

In addition to shredding proprietary devices to bits, Securis provides audit-ready inventory lists and has invested in a proven, end-to-end process that provides protection and accountability through the entire chain of custody of your equipment.

Securis’ services meet all Federal regulatory standards, are GSA-approved and have earned numerous industry certifications for security and environmental responsibility. See our Securis Certifications & Compliance here.

A truly comprehensive approach to secure and responsible proprietary asset destruction includes the elements below.

Securis Proprietary Device Destruction Security

  • Locked Tote Bins for transportation of devices on the job
  • Scanning for audit-ready inventory record/ asset tracking
  • Certificate of destruction
  • Locked collection tote bins left at client site
  • On-site Shredding
  • Off-site Shredding
  • Scheduled destruction times
  • Quantity discounts
  • Pre-screening of technicians
  • Property management interfacing– coordinating with property management to get permission to use elevators, etc.
  • Customized service delivery; logistics and pickup
  • Incineration
  • GPS tracking of trucks

Securis Staff Security

  • Background checks through Kroll
  • Fingerprint records
  • ID badges
  • Significant training
  • Lead security technicians
  • 2-way Mobile communication devices
  • Drug tests on all employees

Securis Process Security

  • Secure storage bins
  • Locked truck
  • Scanners used to record serial numbers for inventory
  • Asset tagging for tracking of equipment without serial numbers
  • NAID Certified for mobile operations
  • Attend to devices to be destroyed at all time
  • Customers receive certificate of destruction

Securis Facility Security

  • Camera surveillance
  • Secure access controls
  • NAID Certified plant
  • Escorts for visitors to the plant
  • Dedicated area for processing and destroying

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