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Posted Jul 3rd, 2014

Protecting Data While Traveling Overseas

Good data protection practices extend to company travel policies, and more and more executives traveling with sensitive information are taking extra security precautions. When sending executives to China or Russia, it’s hard to go overboard on security, warns Mark Cohn, Chief Technology Officer for Unisys Federal Systems, a unit of Unisys Corp. “U.S.-based executives traveling in China and Russia should expect continuous surveillance,” he tells CIO Journal. “Using blankets, tents or other such methods [to hide keystrokes from possible video-snoops] is … not unreasonable.”

UFS also recommends routine use of secure virtual private networks and end-to-end encryption; that companies send executives to high-risk destinations with loaner devices that have been stripped of sensitive data ; and that devices are sanitized before departure and wiped upon return from the firmware up. “For many travelers, the most convenient thing to do is to take specially-configured loaner devices with minimal on-board information that could be stolen or would be impactful if lost,” he says.

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