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Posted Jul 8th, 2015

Rental Cars Have More to do with Data than You Might Think

Let’s pretend that there’s nothing between you and your beach vacation other than one final work project – a mass purge of old electronics equipment. The room down the hallway is full of computers, laptops, and monitors and your team needs the space. What do you do to protect the sensitive information that remains on the devices?

E-cycling waste 3

Well, first, you hire a  NAID and R2 certified company that’s been around for a while and is trusted by many three-letter government agencies (hint: Securis!) to securely destroy the data on your retired hard drives, cell phones, and servers. You feel good about the fact that the company’s policies and certifications mean that your old IT assets won’t end up in a landfill. You schedule a day for them to come to your facility, and they shred hard drives and phones for most of the day.

The massive IT asset purge is complete, you have a shiny certificate of IT Asset destruction, and are ready to head to the beach with your family. Nothing to worry about right? Wrong, if you’re planning on using a rental car.  Turns out, rental cars have more to do with data than you might think. According to this USA Today article, the convenience of pairing your smartphone with the car’s audio system may not be worth it.

Using the car’s audio system to make and receive phone calls is convenient and allows for hands-free conversations while driving. However, when you connect your phone via Bluetooth, the rental car saves your phone number and call logs. Click here to read the full USA Today article and learn how to protect your personal data when renting a car.

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