Hard Drive Shredding, Microshredding, and Degaussing

Data Center Data Security

Each data center decommissioning process requires secure destruction methods that guarantee data remains completely inaccessible. Hardware leaving a data center’s live environment must be decommissioned securely through degaussing, on-site shredding, microshredding, or off-site shredding. Data breaches cost millions of dollars and make for embarrassing headlines. 

For more than 20 years, Securis has kept the data that remains on end-of-life equipment out of the wrong hands, and out of landfills.

In addition to Securis’ on-site and off-site traditional shredding services, we provide a proprietarily-engineered microshredding solution that grinds solid state drives (SSDs) into 2mm pulp, as prescribed by the NSA when it comes to particle size.

The Master
Microshredder for Data Center Destruction

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