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Posted Apr 17th, 2014

Security Breach Likely Going on for Years

The news continues to be filled with security breaches.  From the Target data breach that exposed millions of people’s financial information to the wide-spread Heart Bleed bug, reminders of individuals and corporate vulnerability are found in abundance.  Komo News details another massive security breach that’s likely been going on for years – if not decades –  in Olympia, Washington.

A recent investigation uncovered that of the 10,000 used computers that Washington State sells each year, 9% of them still contain personal information including IRS tax forms, medical records, and social security numbers. State Auditor Troy Kelley says that the government has policies to wipe hard drives before selling computers, but it appears that guidelines were not properly followed. According to Michael Cockrill, the state’s Chief Information Officer, they are working on putting processes in place to ensure that a breach does not happen again.

This recent story is yet another reminder that when retiring IT assets, it’s important to recognize the vulnerability of any accessible data. Securis encourages companies and individuals to shred or degauss all retired hard drives, phones, and other data-containing devices.

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