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Posted Feb 13th, 2012

Should Dept. of Homeland Security Gain Control of Business IT Security?

By Deputy Secretary Jane Holl Lute, The Blog @ Homeland Security
February 10, 2012

Today, we are more interconnected than ever before – in an instant, we can communicate with a friend on the other side of the world, shop online, and research any topic. These global networks are critical to our economy, allowing us to communicate, travel, and power our homes.

But this increased interconnectivity also presents an increased risk of theft, fraud, and abuse to which no country, industry, community, or individual is immune.

DHS is committed to ensuring that cyberspace is safe and secure, enables innovation and prosperity, and protects privacy and civil liberties. Together with public and private sector partners, we are working to build a safe, secure cyberspace where the American way of life can thrive.

To that end, DHS’s cybersecurity mission is two-fold: first, we work with the private sector, states, and municipalities to support the cybersecurity efforts of critical infrastructure owners and operators. Second, we are responsible for securing networks for federal civilian departments and agencies – the .gov domain.

President Obama has proposed legislation that would give us the tools to execute our cybersecurity mission more effectively…

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