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Posted Apr 14th, 2011

Summer Camp Sponsorship

This past summer, Jeremy Farber – Chief Executive Officer of Securis sponsored students’ participation in Pro-Active Summer Camp. Mr. Farber also made a visit to the students’ classroom for Junior Achievement sessions. Students are taught valuable information in an enjoyable manner.

The goal of Pro-Active Summer is to create a motivating learning environment for students entering fifth, sixth, and seventh grades. Students go on several field trips which are essentially like a traveling classroom. In this summer program, students are encouraged to develop their academic and social skills to prepare them for adolescence. Pro-Active Summer Camp offers students a fun-filled summer complete with academics, athletics, team-building, friendship, and relaxation.

Mr. Farber and Securis have an ongoing effort to expand the benefits of children. Sponsoring these students for this program gives the children an opportunity to spend time with their peers making their summer worthwhile.

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