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Posted Nov 14th, 2012

The “Animal House Treatment” and other ineffective ways to securely dispose of SSDs.

The short answer to the question, “How many ways are there to securely dispose of SSDs?” is: One.  But if you read some of the answers to a recent question posed on LinkedIn Answers, you might get confused.

Here’s the question on LinkedIn Answers that caught our eye recently:

What are reliable methods for retiring/disposing of SSDs (solid state drives) to ensure any traces of data are removed?  Click here to see the answers.

In response, numerous LinkedIn users provided a range of interesting but incorrect solutions:

  • Encryption (not effective);
  • Overwriting (doesn’t work);
  • Wiping (no reliable method yet exists); and
  • What one person called the “Animal House” treatment (hammers, blowtorches, etc.).

The truth, as our recent blog post about SSD disposal on the topic explains, is that the only truly secure method of ensuring that no data can be retrieved from a Solid State Drive (SSD) is physically shredding the drive–but not with a standard hard drive shredder.

Why not? Because many standard industrial shredders will shred to a 1” particle size, thus allowing the SSD memory chips to slip through the hammers that shred the data, leaving sensitive information intact. When destroying SSDs, a shred width of ½” or smaller is needed to break through the small memory chips and securely obliterate the data.

The emergence of Solid State Drives among Securis’ larger clients is the reason we have invested in the necessary technology to ensure their secure, proper disposal.

For more information, read our blog post: Destroying Solid State Drives– Size Does Matter

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