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Posted Apr 20th, 2018

Why Witness Hard Drive Shredding?

Once IT equipment reaches the end of its life, it’s time to protect the sensitive information that remains. On-site hard drive shredding allows companies to witness the data as it’s destroyed for added peace of mind. Securis’ on-site shredding service is quiet, quick, and completely secure and can be used for hard drives, smartphones, backup tapes, thumb drives, and other data storage devices.

For smaller items such as solid-state drives (SSD’s) and thumb drives, Securis uses a microshredder that goes beyond traditional shredding and pulverizes devices into 2MM e-crumbs. Performing these shredding services at the client’s location enables their personnel to witness the process take place, thus maintaining the highest level of security and eliminating any chain of custody dilemmas.

Securis’ on-site shredding services can shred thousands of pounds of metal and plastic per hour. The Securis hard drive shredding process has been independently verified and audited based on the industry’s best practices. After the on-site hard drive shredding process has been completed, all destroyed materials are then securely transported back to one of Securis’ processing facilities to undergo the firm’s Zero Landfill, Zero Export treatment.

Once a client schedules a time for Securis to come to their location for on-site hard drive shredding, all items are scanned using serial numbers or a unique Securis asset tag. Once all of the data is destroyed, all scanned items are uploaded to Securis’ proprietary site. Customers then get real-time access to audit-ready inventory lists.

Securis then processes the items, where each one is evaluated and tested and then deemed scrap or are marked for reuse/resale. Items are then resold or broken down for scrap, which is also sold. Scrap and each item are in the system by inventory ID where customers then login and obtain rebates based on each item’s actual worth. For information on how your company or agency can witness on-site shredding, contact Securis for a free quote.

The benefits of on-site hard drive shredding while you watch

Securis Is Data Destruction You Can Trust

Securis has more than 10 years of experience in the critical role of IT asset disposal and e-waste recycling.

We lead the market because we have full stewardship of data, e-waste, and the environment. Not only will we properly destroy your data, but we determine the best path to recycle your used electronics and e-waste, with a commitment to properly handling hazardous materials so they don’t end up in our water or land.

Securis wants you to join us in a commitment to properly caring for customers and the places they live. Together, we can reduce your carbon footprint and ensure that you dispose of waste in a way that’s healthy for our planet and doesn’t put you at risk of fines from local or federal agencies.

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