In a continued effort to keep our clients and team members safe, we’re now offering touch-free options for data destruction and IT recycling projects. First, our team will arrive in gloves and masks as an extra precaution. They also carry Clorox wipes and will clean surfaces they come into contact with.

New Pick-Up Options

Additionally, we’re offering three different options for your project:

1) As always, we’re able to scan all equipment on-site while remaining compliant with the rule of not coming within six feet of other people.

2) Destroy hard drives on-site at your location and then take the equipment back to our facility to be scanned and processed. Everything will be scanned the same day.

3) We’re also able to drop off bins: One secure (locked) bin for hard drives, cell phones and other data-containing devices, and any additional bins needed for non-data-containing equipment. In this case, you’ll load the bins, leave them in a secure area, and we’ll pick them up the same day.

While we prefer option two and three as a safety measure for our team, our top priority remains data security, so if option one is best for you, we’ll make it work. Have a suggestion for how we can provide you with no-contact services? Let us know.

NOTE: Touch-free pick-ups are for businesses and government agencies. If you are a community resident looking for information on socially distant Saturday recycling events, click here.