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Posted Jun 19th, 2012

Use of iPad Enables Securis to Increase Productivity

Much like the 50% of Fortune 100 Companies implementing tablet technology, Securis has provided iPads to its sales team as a way to increase their productivity and provide clients and prospective customers with information on-demand. Currently, 100% of the Securis sales team members are making great use of the innovative business tool.

“In today’s business market, customers are expecting and looking for us to provide information on-demand and to turn around information quickly,” said Securis’s President, Jeremy Farber, “We wanted a more efficient way to present information to our clients and prospective customers and utilize innovative business tools that are available to us to demonstrate our capabilities.”

With the use of the iPad, the Securis sales team has had the ability to:

  • Enhance their presentations and provide visuals of each step involved in the data destruction process;
  • Utilize a cloud-based CRM system, providing information on-demand pertaining to the last completed project or how much of a client’s budget is still available to proceed with additional data destruction projects;
  • Access personalized information quickly that the client or prospective customer is looking for as well as reduce the amount of steps involved to move the sale or upsell along;
  • Capture real-time data about customers for estimates, proposals, and general demographic and psychographic information (including location, size of the company, job titles of decision makers, job opportunity probability, etc.; and
  • Take pictures of customers’ equipment stock to be destroyed or recycled to formulate accurate quantities/numbers in  proposal estimates and determine appropriate truck capacity needed to perform the project.

“The iPad has been tremendously beneficial to the team in terms of delivering high-quality service,” said Farber. “It has also allowed us to show our clients and prospective customers that we are ‘in-the-know’ and that we care about making the most of their time spent working with us.”

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