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Posted May 1st, 2013

Data destruction software to achieve data security

We came across this article on, titled, “9 Free Data Destruction Software Programs,” that lists 9 free and commercially available software tools that can erase data from a hard drive.  The premise of the article is this:

Data destruction software, sometimes called data sanitization software, disk wipe software, or hard drive eraser software, is a software-based method of completely erasing the data from a hard drive.

While this is helpful for non-critical applications, we need to point out that a software-only solution that “completely erases data from a hard drive” is never as secure and complete as physical destruction.

Hard drive shredding, which renders the unit into the pieces small enough so that they are unreadable.  Best practices for enterprise security also combine hard drive shredding with degaussing–industrial strength demagnetization that completely disables the drive’s ability to retain data, Better yet, for the ultimate in security, micro-shredding solutions like the one Securis offers grind the drives into tiny dust-like particles.

So remember, for enterprise-class data security, don’t rely on software to do a job only hardware can do.

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