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Posted Apr 14th, 2011

Virginia’s Joint Commission on Technology and Science Welcomes Securis

Vice President of Sales, Jeff Farber, has been selected to join an eCycling advisory committee to tackle the most current and pertinent issues related to electronics recycling. The eCycling and Disposal of Electronic Materials Advisory Committee was created by the state of Virginia’s General Assembly’s Joint Commission on Technology Science (JCOTS).

JCOTS is a permanent legislative board, established by the General Assembly in 1997 to “…study all aspects of technology and science and endeavor to stimulate, encourage, promote, and assist in the development of technology and science in the Commonwealth and sound public policies related…” (30-85 of the Code of Virginia). JCOTS stresses the importance of this advisory committee because it is necessary that the needs for statewide electronics recycling programs and regulations be addressed.

Every year, JCOTS forms new advisory committees to look at policies that keep Virginia updated with new advancements in technology and science. Based on research and review of previous policies and information, JCOTS considers which policies to recommend to the General Assembly in hopes of alleviating eCycling problems.

These advisory committees are comprised of representatives of industry, government, environmental groups, and other professionals. Each member is appointed based on their expertise and perspective. Mr. Farber states, “The true purpose of this committee is fulfilled by bringing together the needs and ideas of both the consumers and the leaders of the industry. JCOTS has created an open forum to directly influence the state and its technological policies. I look forward to using my professional knowledge to help foster a better environment for the Commonwealth’s electronics recycling programs and opportunities.”

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