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Posted Nov 28th, 2012

Why Securis doesn’t pay you for your “end-of-life” IT equipment.

From time to time we get this question from companies–typically smaller organizations or those who aren’t focused on data security issues when disposing of their unused or end-of-life IT equipment:

“Why doesn’t Securis pay for my IT equipment?”

The answer is, quite simply, that’s not the business we’re in.  Securis is in the data security and environmental stewardship business.  We serve organizations that are focused on handling IT assets in the most secure manner that complies with environmental regulations.  And our clients’ requirements dictate how we focus our resources and investments.

Think of it this way: If Securis chose to invest a significant portion of its resources–people, budget, expertise, training, etc.– in arbitraging the value of old IT assets vs. what they might be worth to another buyer, that would detract from our ability to invest in delivering all of the innovative services and features our security-conscious clients expect, starting with our state-of-the-art, high speed, high volume hard drive shredders and degaussers–but also including:

  • The ability to handle Solid State Drives (SSD’s);
  • End-to-end secure chain of custody;
  • Mobile inventory tracking and management system;
  • Enhanced asset auditing and reporting;
  • GPS vehicle tracking and other secure logistics;
  • 24 x 7 facilities surveillance;
  • Kroll background checks on all employees;
  • Certifications for security and environmentally friendly practices; and
  • Dozens of other features.

(To see the full list of Securis services and features, click here to download the Securis IT Asset Disposal Checklist.)

So, the decision not to pay for IT assets is a matter of how we have designed our business model around our clients’ needs.  Our clients tend to be very concerned about data security and environmentally-friendly handling–and they want the assurance that every asset is tracked as part of a secure chain of custody.

Here’s the bottom line: Can organizations monetize their old IT assets by selling them to another provider?  In the short term,  yes.  But the long term risks and costs of losing control of where your assets end up could be astronomical–far outweighing the money you receive.

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