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Dependability and Convenience

Securis has grown over the last decade by understanding and meeting its customers’ expectations for secure IT asset disposal and electronics recycling—adding key features such as degaussing, auditing and reporting based on the market’s requirements.

A large part of Securis’ success comes from the ways in which we deliver these services: We strive to be responsive, prompt, available, dependable, flexible and easy to do business with.

Securis Workflow

Below is the basic process Securis follows for client engagements. These steps can be customized given the specific requirements of a particular client:

Step 1 – Needs Analysis & Risk Assessment

A Securis, representative will be in contact to discuss your agency’s data destruction needs, and work with you to generate a Zero Landfill, Zero Export electronics recycling plan that aligns with your required data security protocols.

Step 2 – Agreement

A write-up of the contracted promise by Securis to maintain the integrity of your agency’s data, while securely and effectively managing the removal of agreed upon, end-of-life electronic assets.

Step 3 – Scheduling

A Securis representative will work with your agency to schedule the optimal time for either Onsite or Off-Site processing.

Step 4 – Work Performance

Accurate inventory is the first step in the Securis procedure. All items that enter Securis’ care are inventoried, based on serial number, asset tags, and other information.

Step 5 – Transportation

Securis’ truck fleet is the next best thing to transporting your recyclables and sensitive data in an armored truck. Each is wired with GPS tracking technology and intrusion protection reinforcement. All employees entering your facility are U.S. citizens and undergo careful background checks.

Step 6 – Final Documentation

At the heart of Securis’ process is thorough documentation. Once all data destruction and/or electronics recycling has been completed, each agency receives a complete, auditable inventory and a Certificate of Destruction and Recycling. This documentation is your final representation that all work was completed. The certificate each agency receives is a legal document signed by a company officer.

Step 7 – Customer Performance Review

Because of Securis’ dedication to continuous improvement, and to ensure your agency’s experience was convenient and to your satisfaction, a brief evaluation will follow the completion of your Securis experience.