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Secure Processes, Infrastructure & Facilities

As part of its commitment to ultra-secure data destruction and IT asset recycling, Securis has invested in meticulous physical and logistical security features across every aspect of its processes and infrastructure, including facilities and personnel.

  • Securis’ facilities are subject to constant intrusion monitoring and protection.
  • Securis’ truck fleet is the next best thing to transporting your recyclables in an armored car. Each is wired with the latest in GPS tracking technology and intrusion protection reinforcement.
  • Securis is certified by the Defense Logistics Information Service to store and transport military critical technical data. The certification number is 0051653 and expires March 1, 2024.
  • All Securis employees with any access or proximity to client data go through extensive background and security checks via Kroll Incorporated.
  • The following information is included in the Securis employee screening process:
    • County Criminal Record Search- For past five years of residency in the counties where the employee lived
    • Driving Record – Motor vehicle driving records, including the driver’s license number, status, state of issuance, and may provide information such as full name and physical description, as well as recent moving traffic violations and accidents
    • Federal Criminal National Record Search
    • SSN Trace & Address Locator Database
    • U.S. Criminal Records Indicator Search
    • Complete Federal Bureau of Investigation official fingerprint cards
    • All information is kept in each employee’s file for customer review as needed