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Posted May 3rd, 2011

Your Copier and Identity Theft?

Making a copy on the Xerox machine at work seems like a pretty mindless task – doesn’t it? The copier scans the pages and spits the very same pages back at you. But did you know that these copiers hold more information than you think they do?

To make that copy, where do you think the machine stores the scanned information to print out the replica of your original? The truth is that these machines have internal hard drives too – just like your personal computer. These internal data storage devices hold sensitive information – possibly even more private than what you store on your computer.

CBS 5 recently investigated: are you putting more personal information on that scanner glass than on your hard drive? The hard drives on these multi-function copiers can hold as many as 25,000 documents. Some examples of personal information found on these hard drives are students’ records complete with photos and dates of birth, social security numbers, and even medical records. CBS 5 even saw a medical record that disclosed someone’s HIV status.

Securis treats all electronics with data storage devices with the same service. We ensure that hard drives are wiped or removed before moving on in our closed-loop recycling process.

Experts that CBS 5 interviewed called copiers “a major privacy loophole”. So kudos to you for properly shredding or degaussing the hard drive from your computer – but let your copier know it’s next on the list!


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