Securis Shreds Solid State Drives and Other Data-Containing Devices the NSA-prescribed particle size of 2mm

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Covering the Eastern Seaboard including Washington DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads, Virginia, Richmond, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and more

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Secure Data Destruction Requires a Secure Chain of Custody

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Micro Shredding for small storage and devices
Men Checking Hard Drives before data degaussing
About Us

Why Choose Securis?

Securis provides ultra-secure data destruction and electronics recycling for PCs, hard drives, solid-state drives, smartphones, servers, and other electronics. Securis customers are given audit-ready IT inventory lists that quickly account for each and every item along with its scrap. Combine that with a customer rebate program, a Certificate of Data Destruction, and a zero-landfill guarantee, and the benefit of using Securis is clear. Additionally, Securis has the very latest data shredding technology that meets standards set by the NSA.

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The Securis Difference


Securis understands how important proper data destruction and environmentally-friendly electronics disposal is to an organization’s security. As an industry innovator, Securis continually leads the market in improving technology and processes to ensure complete data security. From on-site and off-site hard drive shredding to detailed auditing and reporting, the data remains secure, and the e-waste stays out of landfills.

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Better, Faster Inventory Lists

Securis’ data destruction and IT recycling inventory lists are the best in the industry. They’re 100% accurate, easily accessible online, and we get them back to our customers quickly.

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Make Money on Old Equipment

Securis offers customers complete transparency into each item we recycle and destroy. You’ll get access to our customer portal, where you’ll see a full list of the equipment, the date sold, the sales price and how much you’ve earned.

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How Securis is Different

Securis has always understood the critical role of IT asset disposal and hard drive destruction in the data security equation. That’s why we consistently lead the market in innovations to improve physical and logistical security.

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On-Site and Off-Site Data Destruction

Securis provides full data destruction to the highest standards. Our industrial shredders have the latest technology including microshredding which will turn SSDs and other data-containing devices into dust at the NSA-prescribed particle size of 2mm.

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Nothing Ends up in a Landfill

Securis’ takes our responsibility to the environment seriously, and promises to recycle all electronics in the most Earth-friendly manner. Securis researches each piece of e-waste and determines if the device should be repurposed, recycled, or sold for scrap.

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Degaussing as a Full Data Destruction Solution

Hard drives that don’t work still contain information and might put your company at risk if they are not degaussed before disposal. Degaussing hard drives is step one in data destruction and electronics recycling.

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Reputation for Dependability & Responsive Service

Excellent 10-year Track Record of service: Named 2012 inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company: Proven Best Practices, Processed & Techniques for Secure IT Asset Audition, Recycling & Destruction.

Trusted, Trained & Vetted Technicians

Intense Training & Pre-screening of Employees including Kroll Background Checks, Drug Testing & Finger-printing.

Secure, Plant-Based Facilities

24/7 Surveillance of Facility, Access Controls, Vehicle GPS Tracking & Two-way Mobile Communications.

Compliance with Federal, State & Local Laws


Certified & Approved E-Waste Recycling Services

Mobile & Plant-based NAID Certification, GSA Approved, Certified by Defense Logistics Information Service.

Chain of Custody IT Asset Auditing & Reporting

Auditable Serial Number Inventory, Notarized Certificate of Recycling & Destruction, Weight & LEED Reporting.

IT Asset Removal & Responsible Recycling

Secure Collection & Transportation Bins, Zero Export & Zero Landfill Policy. Trained Security Technicians.

Secure, Simple & Rapid Data Destruction

On-site & Off-Site Data Destruction, Degaussing and Electronics Recycling.

Certified & Approved Recycling Services


Certified ISO14001
AAA Certified
R2 2013
Logistic Agency
ISO 45001

*Certifications are held by the headquarters in Chantilly, VA

Latest News

Securis is committed to providing ultra-secure data destruction and environmentally-friendly IT asset disposal services. As a part of this commitment, we answer questions about hard drive shredding, degaussing, electronic recycling, and continually research and report on the latest technology.

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