Data Destruction

Securis provides on-site and off-site IT Asset disposition services using NSA approved hard drive degaussing and shredding technology.

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IT/Electronics Recycling

Securis is fully certified to help your company recycle end of life electronics while exceeding State and Federal guidelines for sustainable IT recycling.

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Audit Ready Inventory Lists

Securis’ data destruction and IT recycling inventory lists are 100% accurate, timely and audit-ready. You will be issued a Certificate of Destruction at the end of the process.

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Value Recovery Program

Our Customer Value Recovery Program creates new revenue streams for our clients while improving the circular economy.

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IT Asset Decommissioning

Work with experienced industry leaders who understand your compliance and security needs and have more than 20 years developing ITAD solutions for IT decommissioning projects.

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Onsite or Offsite

Securis provides complete ITAD Services

Data Destruction: Securis provides secure certified compliant on and offsite data sanitization for PC’s, laptops, hard drives, solid state drives, smartphones, servers and other e-waste using NSA approved degaussing and hard drive shredding technology.

IT Electronics Recycling: Securis is R2V3 certified to responsibly remarket or recycle every component in your retired electronic devices making sure your e-waste stays out of landfills and your IT Asset disposal project improves your companies ESG rating.

ITAD Audit Ready Inventory Lists: Securis provides a thorough chain of custody as well as a transparent and well documented process for your IT asset disposition projects culminating in a certificate of destruction.

Value Recovery Program: Complete your IT asset lifecycle with high value returns for your end of life IT Assets. Securis helps your company create a circular economy allowing for higher budget replacement equipment.  

IT Asset Decommissioning: Work with experienced industry leaders who understand your compliance and security needs and have more than 20 years developing ITAD solutions for large scale decommissioning projects.

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Reputation for Dependability & Responsive Service

Excellent 10-year Track Record of service: Named 2012 inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company: Proven Best Practices for Secure IT Asset Disposition, Recycling & Destruction.

Trusted, Trained & Vetted Technicians

Intense Training & Pre-screening of Employees including Background Checks, Drug Testing & Finger-printing.

Secure, Plant-Based Facilities

24/7 Surveillance of Facility, Access Controls, Vehicle GPS Tracking & Two-way Mobile Communications.

Compliance with Federal, State & Local Laws


Certified & Approved E-Waste Recycling Services

Mobile & Plant-based NAID Certification, GSA Approved, Certified by Defense Logistics Information Service.

Chain of Custody IT Asset Auditing & Reporting

Auditable Serial Number Inventory, Notarized Certificate of Recycling & Destruction, Weight & LEED Reporting.

IT Asset Removal & Responsible Recycling

Secure Collection & Transportation Bins, Zero Export & Zero Landfill Policy. Trained Security Technicians.

Secure, Simple & Rapid Data Destruction

On-site & Off-Site Data Destruction, Degaussing and Electronics Recycling.

Certified & Approved Recycling Services


ISO 9001 Certified
Certified ISO14001
Certified ISO 45001
National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) and AAA Certification

*Certifications are held by the headquarters in Chantilly, VA

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