Protect classified data with Securis’ Data Disintegration Service

Completely destroy solid state drives, smart phones, thumb drives, sd cards and more.

One of the many things that sets Securis apart from the competition is our latest technology in shredding – specifically our disintegration services. While standard data destruction is part of most security-conscious shredding processes, classified data requires extra protection. Solid-state drives (SSDs), flash drives, smartphones, SIM and memory cards, and micro SD cards containing classified data will literally fall through the cracks of most data destruction and recycling equipment. Securis will take these vulnerable media devices and turn them into dust – 2 mm particles to be exact.

Shred classified or sensitive data into 2mm particles to ensure total destruction.

Certified by the Defense Logistics Information Service

Securis provides classified hard drive destruction services, both off-site and onsite, which meet the National Security Agency’s (NSA) requirements. This process includes both electronic media degaussing, which removes all data by demagnetizing the unit, and electronic media shredding—a process that meets or exceeds all Federal government regulations, including those of the Department of Defense (DOD). Securis is also certified by the Defense Logistics Information Service to store and transport military critical technical data. Our certification number is 0051653. Learn more about our Certifications and Compliance standards here.

Securis Uses Best in Industry Equipment

Securis has the best in industry equipment, the Kobra SSMD-2mm Solid State Media Disintegrator® which is listed on the NSA’s evaluated products list and meets rigorous NSA specifications. This equipment pulverizes devices into 2mm e-crumbs as recommended by the NSA rendering all data completely illegible.

Kobra SSMD-2mm Solid State Media Disintegrator

Destroy Any and All Security Risk

This electronic pulp prevents any piece from being accessed, read, or replicated. That means there’s no risk to your company of this data falling into the wrong hands and ensures total destruction of whatever device or drive is shredded.


Θ Top Secret Tablets and Optical Media

Θ CD’s and DVD’s

Θ Printed Circuit Boards

Θ Film & Videotape

Θ X-Rays

Θ Floppy Disks

Θ Silicon Chips

Θ Computer hard drives

Θ Classified solid-state drives (SSDs)

Θ Top-secret Motherboards, Memory
    Cards, and Circuit Boards

Θ Classified Memory Chips

Θ Thumb Drives

Θ Cell and Smartphones used by 
    Security-Cleared Personnel

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The Securis Master Disintegrator