Certified and Compliant Electronics Recycling

Computers, monitors, keyboards, copiers, phones, and other electronic devices contain a wide range of toxic materials such as mercury, lead, and arsenic, which are hazardous to the environment. These toxic materials have stringent recycling and disposal requirements, and those requirements can differ based on state and federal laws. With Securis you can rest assured that not only will your IT asset disposal project (ITAD) keep your data secure, but also that you will be in complete compliance with all State and Federal environmental laws as well as doing your company’s part to keep the planet safe from hazardous e-waste.

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Why Choose IT Recycling Services with Securis?

Securis aspires to build awareness of the adverse environmental impacts of mismanaged or inappropriate disposal of electronic assets.  We deliver environmentally friendly solutions while providing full security for any data on hard drives or other data storage devices.   We can arrange secure collection bins or pick up your equipment at your facility. If any equipment contains data, we begin by thoroughly sanitizing the data from any hard drives, mobile phones, or any other data-containing device using our NSA-approved data destruction techniques. After completely destroying any data, every component of an electronic device is broken down and tagged for reuse or responsible recycling.

What happens to the E-waste?

We are R2V3 certified and work hard to recycle every component of your retired equipment. Some components such as hard drives need to be shredded and have no further use but other components can be sold or at least responsibly recycled. If your equipment has resale value, you will earn money back through our value recovery program.

R2 recycling certified
Certificate of Destruction

Inventory Lists and Certificates of Destruction

Our experts securely and properly process your IT asset recycling while creating detailed inventory lists that customers, partners, internal auditors, and local regulators need. When your project is complete you will receive a Certificate of Destruction issued by Securis.

Schedule Your E-Waste Recycling

Don’t get hit with unnecessary fees, fines, or lawsuits. Securis is the only e-waste partner you’ll need for environmentally friendly, no-risk IT recycling and data destruction. Whether you require a large, all-day IT recycling and hard drive shredding crew at your facility or you just need to schedule a time to drop equipment off, our trained staff at 800-731-1909 can find the right solution for your electronic disposal.

Electronics in a landfill
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Securis Environmental Commitments:

  • Securis will not export any electronics to developing countries and continents like China, India, and Africa to stay compliant with Basel Action Network (BAN).

  • Securis will commit to doing all it can to recycle 100% of everything it receives.
  • Securis will serve the community through outreach, charitable acts, and selfless service.
  • Securis will continually look for ways to improve e-waste recycling efficiency.
  • Securis will remain in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws
  • Securis will exceed U.S. federal recycling mandates to be compliant with the widely adopted, international standard. 
  • All downstream processors that receive shredded material from Securis are required to complete an Agreement for Responsible Disposal of Sensitive Materials.
  • At this time all magnetic media is incinerated using the cleanest methods available. Smelting documentation can be provided upon request. 
  • All metal-based material is sent to a domestic-based refinery where it’s refined for different types of metals.

Our Key IT Asset Disposition Services Include:

Securis Facilities for IT Recycling