The Securis Process

Securis has developed a meticulous and secure end-to-end process that brings together technology, people, processes, and infrastructure to ensure the highest levels of quality throughout the entire chain of custody of our client’s IT asset disposal. Securis believes you should always know where your assets are during your IT asset disposal, destruction, and recycling process and what to expect. Our workflow is explained below.

Project Analysis

Your assigned project manager works with you to review project requirements and generate a destruction, recycling, and value return plan. A site visit may occur if needed to determine logistic and security requirements.


A write-up of the contracted promise by Securis to maintain the integrity of your company’s data, while securely and effectively managing the removal of agreed-upon, end-of-life electronic assets.


A Securis representative will work with your company to plan the optimal time for either On-site or Off-Site processing.*1

Secure Transportation

Securis’ trucks contain GPS tracking technology and intrusion protection reinforcement. Employees are background-checked U.S. citizens. *2

Data Capture

All electronics are inventoried by serial number or, if there is no serial number barcode, units are tagged with a proprietary Securis asset tag for easy identification and tracking.

Data Sanitization

Compliant data sanitization completely removes data from the storage device.  Processes include traditional shredding, disintegration, and degaussing. *3


R2v3 Certification requires Securis to pass rigorous audits by an independent third party to evaluate recycling practices in more than 50 areas of operational and environmental performance.*4

Project Completion

At completion, Securis clients are presented with a detailed inventory list and a Certificate of Data Destruction. *5. Customers will receive return value for any re-sale assets.

Additional Details referenced by the number above:

  1. We operate secure facilities and, if desired, can even perform secure processing on your job site, allowing you to have your own staff members oversee the initial destruction.
  2. Data-bearing devices are secured during transit and upon receipt at the Securis facility per our NAID AAA Certification and R2v3 standards requirements. These requirements include 24-hour surveillance through CCTV cameras, active monitoring of cameras and access points, employee security authorizations, and personnel to display an identification badge at all times. Facility access is controlled by mobile access controls. Visitors must sign in and out and shall be escorted or supervised by a Securis employee at all times while in the building. All Securis employees undergo extensive background checks, are U.S. citizens, must accept and sign a non-disclosure, and confidentiality agreement, and participate in ongoing training on security procedures.
  3. We use data destruction methods that comply entirely with NSA and DOD standards, HIPAA, HITECH, FACTA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and other state and federal compliance measures. Materials are shredded using Securis’ NSA-approved industrial hard drive shredders or Disintegrators. The Disintegrator will shred an SSD down to the NSA recommended size of 2mm or less, as well as in compliance with NIST 800-88, DoD 5220, and other industry regulations
  4.  R2v3 is the leading standard for the electronics recycling industry, ensuring practices that protect the environment, human health, safety, and the security of the recycling process.*4
  5. This Certificate is a nationally recognized legal document and can be used for an organization’s auditing and reporting needs

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