Complete On and Offsite IT Asset Disposition Solutions

With more than 20 years of experience, Securis is a leader in the IT Asset disposition (ITAD) process, which includes secure computer and device sanitization, hard drive destruction, and R2-certified e-waste recycling. Securis turns confidential data into dust and sustainably recycles all end-of-life IT equipment.

We meet all federal regulatory standards, are GSA-approved, and have earned numerous industry certifications in security and environmental responsibility.  Securis offers a comprehensive approach to secure and responsible data and IT asset recycling that can be done both off-site at our facility or on-site at yours. 

In addition, if there is any residual value in your IT equipment, Securis can help you recover it by securing you the highest return through our recycling and remarketing channels.  We also provide a complete audit of your IT recycling and asset destruction so you can comply with all of the relevant federal and local laws and best practices within the ITAD process. We have a streamlined process for each project, culminating in a nationally recognized Certificate of Data Destruction. Your dedicated Project manager will ensure the entire process is transparent and that all details of your project are well managed. 

Securis offers complete data destruction and electronics recycling services
Securis Compliance and Certifications

Certified and Compliant

Securis guarantees that your IT asset disposition process will meet all requirements for secure, well-invented, and environmentally friendly asset disposition. Our technicians have Mobile & Plant-based NAID certification, GSA approvals, and Defense Logistics Information Service certifications. Securis provides on-site and off-site hard drive, backup LTO, and DLT tape degaussing services. Whether your contractor has specific requirements or concerns over HIPAA, HITECH, or more, Securis is your only IT recycling and data destruction partner. 


Data Destruction

Data Destruction 

Securis provides secure GSA-compliant on and offsite data sanitization for PCs, laptops, hard drives, solid state drives, smartphones, servers, and other e-waste using NSA-approved degaussing, hard drive shredding, and data disintegration technology.

Electronics Recycling icon

IT Electronics Recycling

Securis is R2V3 certified to responsibly remarket or recycle every component in your retired electronic devices, making sure your e-waste stays out of landfills and that your IT Asset disposal project improves your company’s ESG rating.

Inventory Lists

ITAD Audit Ready Inventory Lists

Securis provides a thorough chain of custody as well as a transparent and well-documented process for your IT asset disposition projects culminating in a certificate of destruction.

Value Recovery Program icon

Value Recovery Program

Complete your IT asset lifecycle with high-value returns for your end-of-life IT Assets. Securis helps your company create a circular economy allowing for higher-budget replacement equipment. 

IT Asset Decommissioning

IT Asset Decommissioning

Work with experienced industry leaders who understand your compliance and security needs and have more than 20 years developing ITAD solutions for large scale decommissioning projects.

On-site Services

Securis utilizes an NSA-approved industrial shredder to chop, mince, and shred hard drives, cell phones, tapes, DLT, LTO, thumb drives, and other data storage devices into tiny, inaccessible fragments. Our system is completely self-sufficient, utilizing power from our secure service truck’s internally mounted generator, requiring no use of any facility’s resources to operate, while providing quiet, speedy, and secure shredding.

Performing these services at the client’s location enables their personnel to witness the process take place, thus maintaining the highest level of security and eliminating any chain of custody dilemmas. Securis on-site services can shred thousands of pounds of metal and plastic per hour.

Securis employees are prompt, available, dependable and flexible
Certificate of Destruction

Secure and Proven ITAD Process

As critical as the shredding machine itself are the secure, meticulous, and documented processes to get your hard drives from your facilities to the shredder and the R2 Certified disposal of the shredded material afterward. Over the last decade, Securis has invested in a proven, end-to-end process that provides complete protection and accountability through the entire chain of custody of your IT assets. In addition, we deliver a detailed inventory list and Certificate of Recycling and Destruction to complete your ITAD process.

Onsite Service Process:

Secure On-Site services begin at the client location where Securis ‘ professionally trained and certified staff members: 

  • Tag and inventory all electronics slated for destruction or recycling to establish a chain of custody. 
  • Record all serial numbers of processed and destroyed items for audit and accountability purposes. 
  • Load all materials to be securely transported in a Securis GPS-traceable truck

Once the electronics are brought to one of Securis’ processing facilities:

  • A client-approved recycling plan is executed. 
  • A full inventory list is provided to the client. 
  • A Certificate of Destruction, a nationally recognized legal document of performance, is signed by a Securis officer and provided to the client.
Securis truck contains mobile shredding options
Secure facilities offsite or onsite

Offsite Services

Securis provides a comprehensive list of end-to-end ITAD (IT asset disposal) services performed at our secure, access-controlled facilities, including hard drive shredding, data destruction, and e-waste recycling. Recycling and data destruction plans can be tailored to each organization’s needs, using any or all of Securis’ certified processing techniques.


Secure Access Controls
Escorts for Visitors
Dedicated areas for data destruction

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