The First Step in Secure Data Destruction is Degaussing

Degaussing is the process of totally erasing data by reducing or eliminating an unwanted magnetic field (information) stored on tape and disk media. A degausser is a machine that changes the magnetic domain (where the data is stored) of magnetic data storage devices.

When the degausser is applied to magnetic domains the information is scrambled into random patterns, making the data stored in the magnetic domain completely unreadable.

While degaussers were traditionally used for hard drive destruction, we can now achieve more. Securis is also able to offer complete, certified data destruction of high-coercivity tape such as DLT, SDLT, 3480’s and AIT.

LM-4 Degausser

When it comes to Degaussing there are two important considerations:

Θ Hard drives that don’t work still contain their data information and might put your company at risk if they are not degaussed before disposal.

Θ Degaussing is the first step in ultra secure computer disposal and e-waste recycling

Degauss for the Ultimate in Secure Data Destruction

As part of our certified data destruction program, we ensure that hard drives are no longer reusable after degaussing. Degaussing will remove not only your data and traditional hard drive formatting but also the control/servo track information. Once a drive is degaussed, all data will have been rendered permanently unrecoverable.

At Securis, we follow up degaussing with hard drive shredding to give absolute peace of mind that complete data destruction has been achieved. Our specialized IT Asset destruction process culminates with an audit-ready IT inventory list and a certificate of destruction.

Θ  Securis provides on-site and off-site hard drive, backup LTO and DLT tape degaussing services.

Θ  Our NSA-approved LM4 degausser is used for optimum data destruction.

Θ  Our hard drive and tape degaussing service options are fully compliant with all National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication Series 800-88 and National Industrial Security Program (NISP) Operating Manual (DOD 5220.22-M).

Θ  Our degausser is recertified annually by the manufacturer.

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Degassing Process please click here. 

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