Avoid an Expensive Data Breach

Avoid a data breach with an experienced, certified data destruction and equipment recycler. Securis has achieved all of local, state, and federal certifications including NAID, R2v3, ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001.

Each data center decommissioning process requires secure destruction methods that guarantee data remains completely inaccessible. Hardware leaving a data center’s live environment must be decommissioned securely through degaussing, on-site shredding, microshredding, or off-site shredding. Data breaches cost millions of dollars and make for embarrassing headlines. 

In addition to Securis’ on-site and off-site traditional shredding services, we provide a proprietarily-engineered microshredding solution that grinds solid state drives (SSDs) into 2mm pulp, as prescribed by the NSA when it comes to particle size.

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Securis recently performed a data destruction job for a large telecom company that had 300 servers to be destroyed. Securis was told that all servers had been stripped of their hard drives. Once the servers were at our facilities, our technicians found 30 hard drives still in the servers! Each contained data that would have caused a very expensive data breach.

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