Auditing & Reporting of Electronics Recycling Services

Securis IT Asset Auditing and Reporting Features

Securis understands that providing clients with an ultra-secure method for IT asset disposal, hard drive destruction, and e-waste recycling includes auditing and documenting the entire process. This enables our clients to offer proof to senior management, inspectors, regulatory officials, and others who need to confirm that the proper steps have been taken.

Ease your burden by working with Securis for a fully audited, managed, and secure computer disposal and data destruction program. We can build a complete, custom solution for your certified data destruction needs and all of the resulting e-waste recycling.

Pick between work at your facilities or allow us to use our secure facilities, with fully traced and tracked transportation.

With Securis’ Auditing, Reporting, and Certification Services:

All items that enter Securis’ facility are tagged with an internal bar code, inventoried, and stripped of all previous identification. We take multiple steps to anonymize your information before any degaussing and hard drive shredding takes place, for a process that keeps employee, customer, and trade secret information safe.

All serial numbers of processed and destroyed items are recorded by Securis’ proprietary data collection software and handheld scanners for audit and accountability purposes. Part of our commitment to certified data destruction is providing you with a full accounting but preventing any third-party from accessing or seeking out your records.

An inventory list is provided to each client, along with a Certificate of Recycling and Destruction. This certificate is a nationally recognized legal document of performance and can be used to help fulfill all of the auditing and reporting processes required by local municipalities, federal agencies, in your industry.

All inventory information is stored on a secure server for our customers indefinitely unless otherwise directed. You get complete control with each and every job. You won’t find anyone who provides a better, more secure service.