Our promise

Securis aspires to build awareness of the adverse impact created by the mismanaged or inappropriate disposal of electronic assets and provide the solutions necessary for the responsible riddance of all end-of-life or obsolete devices.

For the future of our business and the global environment, it is the responsibility of all companies, organizations, and individuals to reduce the scope of both their professional and personal carbon footprints.

  • Securis will not export any electronics to developing countries and continents like China, India, and Africa to stay compliant with Basel Action Network (BAN).
  • Securis will commit to doing all it can to recycle 100% of everything it receives.
  • Securis will do everything it can to protect customer information.
  • Securis will serve the community through outreach, charitable acts, and selfless service.
  • Securis will continually look for ways to improve e-waste recycling efficiency.
  • Securis will remain in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws.