Nothing Ends Up in a Landfill

Data center recycling decision-makers are required to consider the environmental impact of the improper disposal of end-of-life equipment. The stakes are high. There are federal and state regulations to consider, along with good business practices.

Eco-dedicated companies commit to a higher standard when it comes to global responsibility. Global stewardship and a commitment to maintaining a servant stance are at the core of Securis’ beliefs.

We treat our employees, customers, and vendors with a servant attitude above all else. We bring that commitment and dedication to each project and ensure that every hard drive, server, cable, and hardware component is properly recycled or reused.

For more than 20 years, Securis has learned and perfected the most effective methods to provide data centers and other organizations with high equipment value returns. Additionally, we’ve had the time to refine and perfect the downstream potential for each part of every computer, memory card, server, and all related equipment associated with housing and maintaining it.

Keep Data Center End-of-Life Equipment Out of Landfills

End-of-life data center IT assets such as servers, cables, computers, and other equipment contain harmful materials that can leach into the earth’s water systems. These retired electronics contain mercury, lead, arsenic, and other materials that have stringent recycling and disposal requirements. Securis is familiar with all local, state, and federal laws for proper e-waste recycling. Our team of trained technicians will follow all of the most environmentally-friendly requirements to ensure your data center assets aren’t damaging the planet.

Securis experts will properly process all of your IT recycling, providing you with the forms and information you need to satisfy your customers, partners, internal auditors, and local regulators.

The Environmental Protection Agency has created the Responsible Recycling Practices Standard (R2v3) to address the environmental, health, and sensitive equipment recycling practices, including a downstream directive. Securis is R2v3 Certified. See all of Securis’ certifications and compliance standards.