60 Minutes Video on an Electronics Landfill in Guiyu

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Jan 19th, 2016



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This 60 Minutes Video on an Electronics Landfill in Guiyu illustrates how the town has become a dumping place for very toxic e-waste. In Guiyu, they burn the waste to extract the bit of copper from discarded electronics. Once burned, the plastic releases bromine which creates dioxin – an extremely toxic, cancer-causing agent.

Each year, hundreds of millions of laptops, mobile phones, hard drives, and other electronics are discarded by corporations, government institutions, and consumers.  A mere 18% of these are likely to be properly disposed of, which means that an alarming amount of them end up in electronics landfills like the one in Guiyu.

This is just one of the reasons that Securis is R2 certified. The electronics that we handle are stripped of sensitive data and then processed in an environmentally friendly manner.

Being R2 Certified Means:

  • We’ve undergone a rigorous audit by an independent third party who evaluates more than 50 areas of performance
  • We’re held accountable to effectively, securely destroy all data on our clients’ best cloud storage devices
  • We do not export equipment or its components
  • We send materials only to licensed and permitted R2 facilities

What it boils down to is Securis’ R2 certification ensures that our clients’ equipment doesn’t end up in an electronics landfill like the one in Guiyu featured in the 60 Minutes video.  And that’s good for all of us.

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