Data Privacy Day 2023

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Jan 27th, 2023



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Did you know January 28th is Data Privacy Day? While the rest of the world may be celebrating, at Securis,  every day is Data Privacy Day. The Securis mission is to securely repurpose electronics. In order to do so, all data that remains on end-of-life computers, laptops, servers, and more must be completely destroyed. Businesses, governments, and individuals are all at risk of having their confidential data compromised without a secure, end-to-end data destruction process in place.  

Much of the discussion around data privacy revolves around sharing information online. While it is important to keep in mind, it’s also important to know that your physical electronics store sensitive data. 

Everybody should be aware that they have the power to take ownership of their personal information and digital identities. The National Cybersecurity Alliance encourages consumers to learn about what information they are sharing online. Let’s take that one step further and make sure we know what information we are storing on our phones and computers. 

According to the Pew Research Center, 81 percent of Americans believe they have very little to no control over the data that’s collected by businesses, and 78 percent are very concerned about how the data is used when it is collected. Businesses should be concerned about their employees’ and customers’ information when they are disposing of their end-of-life equipment. 

We know that customers have had their information compromised at a multitude of organizations like Morgan Stanley, T-Mobile, PayPal, and many more. Are you doing what you can to keep your customers safe? If you’d like to ensure that your information is safe when it’s time to discard old technology, be sure to learn about our federally compliant data destruction process