How to Protect the Chain of Custody During Data Destruction

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Oct 7th, 2022



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Some businesses, governments, and other entities have a chain of custody requirement regarding data destruction. Securis has developed a meticulous and secure end-to-end process that brings technology, people, processes, and infrastructure together. This ensures the highest levels of quality throughout the entire chain of custody of end-of-life IT assets.

Our clients are always in the loop for each retired IT asset during certified data destruction and e-waste logistics. 

Securis’ on-site shredding services allow you to witness the physical destruction of hard drives, cell phones, solid state drives (SSDs), and more. We know that the physical destruction of electronics is vital, so we provide a variety of ways to perform those services. 

Types of Data Destruction

At Securis, we offer several on-site hard drive and data destruction services to best suit your needs. We’ll help you avoid an embarrassing news story due to a data breach. 

data breach

With our microshredder, your devices will be pulverized to a shred size of less than 2mm,  the NSA-prescribed particle size. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure complete data security for small items, such as SSD cards, chips, and other data-containing devices that would fall through the cracks of traditional shredders.

If you aren’t concerned with shred size and are looking to destroy larger items, such as standard disk drives, our traditional shredder will do the job well. 

Prior to shredding, or in lieu of it, you can opt for degaussing. This erases data from devices with a magnetic strip by scrambling information,  rendering it unreadable. Aside from the hard drives in most of the devices used today, it also works on VHS tapes, cassettes, LTO and DLT tapes, and other magnetic storage devices. Degaussing does not work on solid state drives or optical storage devices like CDs. 

Protecting the Chain of Custody

Our on-site destruction services assist in protecting any chain of custody issues you may face. We understand that often, you may need to witness the destruction of your SSDs and other storage devices. 

Securis has a mobile shredding truck. We will come to your office and let you watch as we shred your equipment. We can also provide you and your company with a certificate of destruction and an audit-ready IT inventory list to document that all equipment has been disposed of properly.

certificate of data destruction

Data that Securis Can Destroy

At Securis, we can destroy the data on a vast amount of end-of-life equipment. We accept hard drives, SSDs, floppy discs, CDs, tapes, and more to shred. Depending on size, we may opt to use our proprietary microshredder.

Anything that can store data needs to be properly disposed of. When we destroy SSDs, hard drives, and other devices on-site, we can help keep your data secure and save you time.