Why Choose Local Hard Drive Shredding and Electronics Recycling?

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May 12th, 2021



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Securis provides local hard drive shredding, electronics recycling, and data destruction. However, at our core, we’re really an environmental protection company. Our mission is to help reduce the amount of e-waste that ends up in landfills. This type of waste takes thousands of years to decompose and emits toxins into the air, soil, and water.

We see it as our responsibility to help people protect their data by destroying it in an environmentally safe and secure way. Hard drive shredding is not just a strong and sound business practice, but an environmental one as well.

Securis is committed to protecting the environment. That’s one of the primary reasons we strongly believe in maintaining multiple offices across our service region. It is better for our customers, the local economy, and the environment.

Better for Our Customers

When dealing with electronics recycling, shredding, and data destruction, there are federal, state, and local regulations. What components can and can not be recycled, repurposed, or scrapped can change from one area to another.

Large companies without a local presence may not be aware of local and state rules. The customer is left to face the consequences of not properly disposing of their e-waste.

Working with a local data destruction, e-waste recycler, and hard drive shredding company means they know the local statutes. They care about how materials are shredded, recycled, or scrapped and will be held accountable.


Better for the Local Economy

Local businesses rely on other local businesses. Securis has branches in North Carolina, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Virginia, and the DC metro area. If you’re in those areas, you can be sure that your local Securis branch puts resources back into your local economy. They support other local businesses. They work with local charities, and they know other members of the local business community.

The alternative is to use a company that isn’t local. While these companies may boast about their size, reach, or efficiency, they don’t generate any income for the local economy.

Local hard drive shredding and electronics recycling

Better for the Environment

Non-local asset destruction companies must get staff, equipment, and materials to the job site. That requires heavy trucks carrying heavy equipment. Empty trucks get about 8-11 miles/gallon. Add a full crew, heavy equipment for on-site hard drive destruction and electronics recycling, and they will get even less.

Local recycling companies do not pollute as much as their trucks don’t need to travel as far. Fuel costs add up quickly.

If a company located in DC has a job in Raleigh, NC, the cost of fuel alone would be $142.39 according to AAA. In this instance, working with a local business will save you close to $150 before any equipment is factored into your job.

Working with a local company for your e-waste recycling and hard drive shredding is the best choice you can make. For businesses in Washington, D.C., Virginia Beach, Richmond, Virginia, and North Carolina, the best local choice is Securis. Find the location nearest you today.