Secure and Environmentally Safe Data Center Liquidation

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Sep 15th, 2022



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The environment doesn’t usually come first in a data center operator’s priorities. While Securis recognizes the importance of data security, we’re ready to change the perspective regarding the impact of equipment on the environment. Our company strives to improve the global environment and secure our client’s data through the data center liquidation process.  

The environmental impact of data centers is larger than you may be aware of. Finding a company that can help reduce the environmental impact of end-of-life equipment is important. This will help reduce the amount of energy used and the amount of water needed to keep data center equipment cool.  

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Keeping E-Waste Out of Landfills

There are an estimated three million data centers in the United States. They range in size from a single 19-inch rack to 1.1 million square feet. The average size of a data center is 100,000 square feet. That’s a lot of equipment that eventually needs to be disposed of. 

We must ensure this end-of-life equipment doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Like all electronic devices, data centers become outdated and eventually fail. Most data centers are large, making the amount of e-waste they produce more impactful. By finding an IT asset disposition (ITAD) service, you can easily utilize their e-waste recycling efforts. 

47 percent of data centers are refreshed every one to three years. If the retired IT assets aren’t properly recycled, many landfills receive perfectly usable or reusable equipment. If data center operators don’t make changes, it is estimated that e-waste will grow by 8% each year globally. 

Many large tech corporations have joined the Circular Electronics Partnership. In this partnership, companies like Microsoft, Dell, Google, and Amazon, are committed to helping the circular economy and reducing e-waste. Tech tycoons can reduce their e-waste by disposing of their data center equipment with a company that securely recycles and upcycles IT assets. 

IT asset recovery is an impactful way to keep the circular economy going. We hear “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” from elementary school to adulthood. The circular economy focuses on reusing items that have already been introduced into the product lifecycle. 

Keeping End-of-Life Data Center Assets Secure 

As data center equipment is replaced, companies need to continue to keep the information they once held secure. 

It’s vital to ensure total data erasure in your organization’s ITAD process. In recent years with an increase in data breaches and hacks, data security is vital. 

How Securis Can Help Securely Decommission Data Centers

Securis’  data center decommissioning process ensures that your e-waste will not end up in a landfill. We recycle, reuse, and refurbish every piece of e-waste that we collect.

Located in the center of Data Center Alley, we are able to collect and destroy retired IT assets on-site. If you’re curious about our process, we’d be pleased to show you around our facilities and explain our processes further.

It can be difficult to destroy data storing equipment properly. Securis has more than 20 years of experience keeping servers, wires, and other end-of-life equipment out of landfills while ensuring complete data security. Contact us today to help you keep your data center end-of-life equipment out of landfills.