Why Businesses Need R2 Certified E-Waste Recycling Companies

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Mar 17th, 2023



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If your business is looking for an e-waste recycling company, knowing that not all are created equally is essential. The best practice would be to search for an R2 certified company. R2 certified electronics recycling companies need to follow strict guidelines. When a company is not R2 certified, there is a lack of accountability in the recycling process. This third-party certification process covers more than 50 areas of operational and environmental performance. Not only does this ensure e-waste recyclers protect our environment, but it also protects human health and safety. 

What does an R2 certification mean?

Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) established the R2 certification process. Part of SERI’s mission is to minimize the environmental and health risks posed by used and end-of-life electronics. This global certification addresses the entire supply chain and encompasses environmental, health and safety, quality, and data security standards. 

The idea to facilitate a genuinely circular lifecycle for electronics helps extend each device’s life and reuse any and all components, where possible, prior to recycling. Recycling the materials then reduces the need to mine for new materials, allowing the earth to keep those natural resources. 

Finding an R2 certified company

If you’re looking for an R2 certified company, you are in luck! There are nearly 1,000 facilities across 37 counties. Unfortunately, there has been at least one case of a company faking an R2 certification. 

To avoid this mishap, find or even double-check that your e-waste recycling vendor is R2 certified; you can refer to the SERI website. It’s easy to find a company based on region or name!

Why does it matter?

Uncertified recyclers lack accountability. Not only does an R2 certification protect the environment, but it also ensures data protection as well. An R2 certified company ensures that any data that comes via end-of-life technology is appropriately destroyed.

From start to finish, the R2 process takes on the circular economy and the issues many companies face, including environmental, human health, and social welfare impacts. We know how important it is to reuse. However, irresponsible and illegal transfers happen under the guise of reuse. With an R2 certified company, there is no need to worry about careless transfers. 

Responsible recycling is also a vital part of SERI’s mission. Recycling facilities are helping protect human health and the environment by keeping toxic materials out of landfills.

Overall, if a company is R2 certified, you can rest assured that your data and end-of-life technology will be safe in their hands and reach its complete end-of-life potential. As an R2 certified recycler at Securis, we understand how important this is for the global community. Contact us today to learn more. We’d love to help your company do its part in completing the cycle and staying green!