ITAD Company Securis Benefits from Workforce Diversity

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Sep 2nd, 2021



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From the very beginning, Securis has prided itself on its commitment to diversity – not just in words, but in actions and in the values that the company lives by every day. It’s a way of looking at problems, addressing challenges, and collaborating to come up with solutions to client’s issues.

Cultural Workforce Diversity

“One of the things I’m proudest of is not just the diversity of our workforce but the different perspectives, ideas, and opinions that grow out of such diversity,” says Securis Founder and CEO Jeremy Farber. “We have people working for us from all over the world – Asia, South America, Europe, Africa. We’ve talked about getting flags from all the different countries to hang in the warehouse, like a little U.N.”

“In homogenous work environments,” Farber says, “you get a lot of groupthink. You get a lot of similar backgrounds coming up with similar solutions to similar problems. You don’t get that with Securis. Instead, people from all over the world come together with their own perspectives and opinions while working towards a shared goal. Securis and our customers benefit from our workforce diversity.”

Some of the countries represented through the Securis workforce are Egypt, El Salvador, Vietnam, Guatemala, Tunisia, and India, to name just a few. Representatives from these countries hold a range of jobs from the warehouse to the back office to the front office.

“We want the best people, the most qualified people, in different roles. It doesn’t matter where they’re from, education level, what have you,” continued Farber, “If they started out with Securis and worked hard and worked well, then there is an opportunity for them to climb the ladder.”

Given Securis’ business, diversity in the workplace is seen as a boon for other reasons. “We hire employees with diverse backgrounds,” says Dan Mattock, Securis’ EVP of Sales. “We also live in a very diverse region in Northern Virginia.

If a manager or business owner shares a background or home country with some of our employees, that’s a connection that you just can’t get any other way – it’s deep and profound and as long as the job goes well, then we become their preferred vendor moving forward.”

Warehouse workers in shredder shirts

Workforce Diversity in the Special Needs Community

Securis celebrates the diversity and international makeup of its employees every day. In addition to cultural diversity, Securis has a long-time commitment to supporting people with disabilities in the workforce. Securis’ program teaches special ed students IT Recycling and Data Destruction. Recently, the company was able to expand training for disabled HS students. Students with special needs gain real-world work experience at Securis through a long-standing program with local Chantilly High School, in Fairfax County, Virginia.

In addition to Securis’ program for local high school students, the company is also committed to empowering workers with disabilities through an organization called Service Source.

Interested in joining a company that values diversity where you can thrive as both an individual and as a part of a team? Check out Securis’ current job openings and see if anything fits you and your career goals.