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Although we don’t have proof just yet, the Leprechaun community is really excited about green, sustainable electronics recycling!

What better way to honor St. Patrick’s Day than committing to recycling your retired IT assets in the most environmentally-friendly way possible?

Sustainability is a win for all of us. Not only does Securis offer zero-landfill computer recycling, but provides a thorough data destruction suite to keep sensitive information safe.

With Securis, keeping it green is much easier than finding a leprechaun, or that elusive pot of gold at the end of a rainbow (but never give up!).

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If you’re interested in gaining good luck from the leprechauns with environmentally-friendly electronics recycling, let’s set up a call.

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Securis Doubled Its E-Waste Recycling Efforts in 2021

In 2021, Securis collected 6,015,125 pounds or just over 3,000 tons of e-waste to refurbish, reuse, or recycle. That’s the equivalent of about 6,000 grand pianos, 3,000 leatherback sea turtles, or 30 blue whales. This was almost 50% more than what we recycled in 2020.

data destruction completed by Securis is 2021

As more businesses returned to the office, they resumed their typical technology refresh cycles which contributed to this increase. Additionally, a wider variety of electronics can be recycled, including monitors, servers, hard drives, phones, and more.

e-waste collection

As younger consumers are focusing on environmental impact, more businesses are shifting their focus to make sustainable changes. Businesses may utilize electronic waste recycling programs like ours to improve their environmental contributions.

While we’ve seen an increase in the number of electronics recycled, as of 2019 only 17.4% of discarded electronics are recycled. The rest of the discarded electronics go into landfills and can end up in our water sources.

certified data destruction services being completed

We also saw growth in our refurbish sales last year, another way of recycling electronics. Recent supply chain issues lead businesses to seek alternative options when looking for computers and other electronic products. Many found our refurbished computers a cost-effective option when dealing with these nationwide shortages. Most of our employees use refurbished workstations!

72,181 Electronic Devices Destroyed

In addition to recycling e-waste, Securis destroyed 72,181 devices utilizing our certified data destruction services. Our data destruction services help prevent data breaches. Through degaussing and physical destruction services like microshredding and hard drive shredding services, we help protect your sensitive data.

hard drive shredding services completed

These hard drive destruction services can be completed on-site with our mobile shredding capabilities. This helps our clients eliminate any chain of custody issues that they might have with off-site hard drive shredding.

We expect to see continued growth in 2022. In the past year, we have seen an increase in the types of devices where we destroy data and recycle. We received more phones and tablets this year than in previous years.

Best eWaste Recycling Specialist Award Given to Securis

United Kingdom, 2022 – Acquisition International Magazine has announced the 2021 Global Green Business Awards winners. Securis is honored to be named the Best eWaste Recycling Specialist – USA.

The Global Green Awards recognize businesses that strive for environmentally-friendly ideologies at the core of their business practices. This award covers more than just the corporate landscape. Winners have been announced within technology, packaging, food and drink, exercise, and more.

Integrating green initiatives within a business can not only add to the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and benefit the company but also set an example for many others. Securis is proud to be among such an elite group of organizations dedicated to the environment.

To view, click the magazine image and scroll to page 4 for Securis.

Global Green Business Awards with Securis Recognized as Best e-Waste Recycler

In a global market, it’s affirming to have Securis’ 20+ years of experience recognized as the Best eWaste Recycling Specialist in the United States. Securis understands the importance of proper e-waste disposal. If old computers, monitors, and other electronics are not properly recycled, harmful chemicals seep into the Earth. That our dedication is seen and rewarded with the Global Green Business Award Best eWaste Recycling Specialists is appreciated.

Securis Named Best eWaste Recycling Specialist

Securis is passionate about minimizing the impact created by irresponsible disposal of old electronics and computers. The company is dedicated to continually providing solutions to safely dispose of obsolete electronics.

For the future of our business and the global environment, it is the responsibility of all companies, organizations, and individuals to reduce the scope of both their professional and personal carbon footprints.

Securis will continue to responsibly recycle retired computers, laptops, keyboards, servers, phones, monitors, and other electronics. It is our duty to ensure that nothing ends up in a landfill, in compliance with our zero-export policy.

Trust Securis for your e-waste recycling needs. Contact us today.


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