The Foods that Make Thanksgiving Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving not looking the same for many families this year, we had a Securis group chat about which foods make Thanksgiving feel most like Thanksgiving. One of the things that’s really cool about Securis is the diversity of the team, comprised from all parts of the globe. The workforce’s varied cultural backgrounds showed wonderfully in the foods they’ll feast on this holiday.

Of course, we learned that Jeremy Farber – Founder and CEO – literally brings work home with him, and that Andrew Godman is fully on the Securis bandwagon with his humor and experience regarding the necessary preparation of hard drives as a food group.

Scroll down to learn what the Securis team plans to eat this Thanksgiving.

Wishing you and yours a happy, safe, and laughter-filled holiday.

Happy thanksgiving


Dan Mattock Celebrates 10 Years with Securis

“I’ve really enjoyed seeing people get hired as entry level technicians or warehouse workers and advance to senior level managers,” says Dan Mattock, Executive Vice President of Sales at Securis reflecting on his 10 years with the company. “It’s been very inspiring to see various employees develop and grow over the years.”

As the old saying goes, a company is only as strong as the people it employs. Securis likes to think of itself as a smart, fun, dynamic place to work, so it is not surprising that someone like Dan Mattock has thrived at the company for the last 10 years. In celebrating his decade with Securis, Dan points to some of the ways – big and small – that the company has changed. When Dan started, Securis was known as PC Recycler. The name changed in 2012, and the company has grown since then as well.

Company’s growth

As we have grown as a company, the company’s reputation has grown. We now service Fortune 500 companies and have partnered with several municipalities to handle their data destruction and shredding. It really speaks to the people who work here that we’ve grown the way we have.”

Prior to joining Securis, Dan helped found North Shore Design, a leading Washington DC-based custom building and remodeling company. As Director of Business Development, Dan helped lead the firm from its start-up concept to become a profitable, multi-million-dollar enterprise. Dan is also a certified LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Associate and is passionate about exploring and implementing sustainable business practices, which pursues in his role at Securis well into the future.

Congratulations, Dan, on helping to charter Securis’ success.

Danial Mattock