Electronics Recycling Events to Celebrate Earth Day

This year, Earth Day is April 22, and people will celebrate by participating in ways to be better stewards of the earth. At Securis, we love Earth Day and are driven to do our part to protect the environment – not just in April, but every day of the year. Our commitment to reusing every component of an obsolete machine, recycling old electronics, and avoiding landfills is part of what drives our business. Holding an electronics recycling event with Securis is a win-win for the organization and for the planet.

A special thank you to the following clients who are holding electronics recycling events in celebration of Earth Day:

  • Republic Services and Brambleton Community Association Republic
  • Republic Services and South Riding Community Association
  • City of Laurel, MD
  • City of College Park
  • BOWA
  • Manassas
  • Chantilly
  • Loudoun County
  • Arlington County
  • Penzance (4 locations)
  • Simpli (2 locations)
  • Henrico County

Happy earth day 2021

According to our commitment to Environmental Responsibility, “it is the responsibility of all companies, organizations, and individuals to reduce the scope of both their professional and personal carbon footprints.” We are committed to working with companies to reduce their carbon footprint with our “No Landfill Guarantee,” which promises that electronics at the end of their lifecycle with being recycled rather than thrown away. It is the sound choice, as it prevents dangerous and toxic chemicals from seeping into the soil and groundwater. 

It is also a smart choice. Every piece of recycled electronic equipment has the potential to earn money. Every time Securis hosts an electronic recycling event, hundreds of machines are handed in and thousands of dollars go into people’s pockets. Caring for the environment should always be this easy!

Electronics recycling events

Just a small part of what we collect every month at our electronic recycling events throughout Virginia and North Carolina. Now imagine all of this sitting in a landfill unused for thousands of years.

Electronic recycling is the very definition of a virtuous cycle: a piece of recycled equipment is recycled rather than trashed. The organization recycling the electronics gets money back. The electronic components are repurposed, reused, or resold, bringing down costs of new machines. Many of the electronic components that are recycled means that less of the material needs to be mined out of the earth, which further helps protect the planet. The more often this continues, the more beneficial it is for everyone.

When working with Securis, organizations are guaranteed the Securis Environmental Promise:

  • Securis will not export any electronics to developing countries and continents like China, India, and Africa to stay compliant with Basel Action Network (BAN)
  • Securis will commit to doing all it can to recycle 100% of everything it receives
  • Securis will do everything it can to protect customer information
  • Securis will serve the community through outreach, charitable acts, and selfless service
  • Securis will continually look for ways to improve e-waste recycling efficiency
  • Securis will remain in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws

Earth Day tends to coincide with that other annual right of passage: spring cleaning. What better way to clean out your company’s old IT closest than partnering with a leader in e-waste and electronics recycling? When you do, you’re helping your business, and more importantly, helping the environment.

The Securis Core Value Innovation at Work during a Power Outage

Securis is a strong believer in our Core Values and this week, one was put to the test. There was a large power outage in the area, and the warehouse was too dark for the disassembly team to see all of the pieces and parts required to securely remove hard drives and other data-containing devices.

Rather than giving up on the day’s project list of data security and electronics recycling, the team moved their work areas to where it was more well lit.

Securis’s core value innovation is truly at work here!

Securis core value innovation
No light indoors? Innovative workers move their stations outside in the sunlight!


Core value innovation at work as employees relocate work stations in power outage
Disassembly employees relocate their work stations to sunlit areas during an area power outage


Innovation at work at Securis warehouse
Innovative teams find a way, even in an area power outage!

Securis is Hiring!

Interested in joining a fun, innovative team where management is dedicated to every employee’s work-life balance, having fun, and making a difference in the environment? View our open positions today and join us! Work for Securis!

Securis’ Core Values:

  1. Helps First – Put the team first
  2. Fun- Have the right attitude and stay positive
  3. Hungry – Have big goals and want to conquer the world
  4. Humbly Confident – Be humble, but be confident also
  5. Work-Life Harmony – Both are important but must be in balance
  6. Coachable- Always be learning
  7. Innovative – Nothing’s carved in stone, Question everything, Look for new ways.