Celebrating Hard Work With Cool Treats

There’s no doubt that the global pandemic has forever affected the world as we’ve known it. People are stressed out about their futures, employment, health, and wonder whether they’ll ever be able to freely hug those who don’t live with them again. At Securis, those able to work from home do so, but many employees continue to work at our facilities while practicing social distancing to provide touch-free data destruction for our customers.

Celebrating Hard Work With Cool Treats

During this stressful time, Securis’ founder and president, Jeremy Farber, recognizes that small, unexpected treats make a big difference in morale. “We’re an essential business and our employees need to be here. I realize it’s not easy to wear a mask in the warehouse, and that it’s not in our nature to stand six feet apart while waiting a turn at the microwave. I wanted our employees to know how much we appreciate their extra efforts during this time, so I ordered an ice truck to come to our facility. People were careful to keep their distance from one another while also enjoying bonding on a sunny day over ice cones. I’m glad we arranged it.”

The employees were glad, too, and appreciated a surprise treat during the work week. “It was nice to have a sense of normal fun in a time when everything is so uncertain,” said Amber Schreiner. Nasir Ali added “I really appreciated the gesture of the ice cone trucks – melted my heart!”

May we each remember to enjoy a sweet treat during this unprecedented time.


Data destruction: Why you need NAID

By Ben Rothke

Have you heard of NAID? Ben Rothke says those four letters are important to your organization’s ability to deliver security, privacy, and compliance.

Here is what seems to be an easy financial decision. Your company needs to find a firm for your document and media destruction needs.

After doing research, you find two of the major players that each come in around $3,000- per month. You also find a few local firms that will perform what seems to be the same service for $750- per month. You don’t have to be a financial wizard to make what seems to be a no-brainer of a decision—go with the cheaper local player.

Unfortunately, that would be a huge mistake and could end up costing orders of magnitude more in the long run.

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