Securis Recycled 20,000 Pound of E-Waste at Community Event

Securis is dedicated to its clients and to the communities that it serves. That was evident during an event in Broadlands, VA. During the event, Securis was able to collect and recycle 20,000 pounds of electronics and technology equipment from throughout the community. The Broadlands HOA’s technology committee and Boy Scout Troop 1154 from Eagle Ridge Middle School were also on-site to volunteer and help collect the electronics equipment.

20,000 tones of e-waste recycled

Having the Boy Scouts volunteer is yet another example of how Securis tries to give back and empower the communities where it works. The event was one where the Boy Scouts learned valuable lessons of teamwork, organization, and customer service. For the Broadlands residents, it was an opportunity to clean out their homes and get rid of old and obsolete technology that they no longer use. By having Securis recycle the equipment, 20,000 pounds of electronics will be repurposed rather than tossed into a landfill.

Securis tries to give back and empower the communities

While Securis has built its reputation on its corporate clients, it is always eager to organize community events such as the one held at Broadlands that was such a success. If you are interested in organizing a community collection event, please contact Dan Mattock at 703-436-1967. Based on the success of this event, next month Securis will be hosting a collection event for all of Loudoun County.

Organize community events

Securis is a Computer Recycling Leader in North Carolina

If the secret to real estate is “location, location, location,” then the secret for providing exemplary service to customers should be “local, local, local.” Being local, responsive, and available is one of the key reasons why Securis has become one of the leading data destruction companies servicing businesses throughout the Carolinas. Indeed, being ingrained in a region’s business community is why Securis is the trusted data destruction and recycling partner of some of the biggest and most well-known Carolina-based businesses.

North Carolina is home to some of the country’s most well-known banks, insurance companies and healthcare systems – many of which use Securis for their data destruction, shredding and recycling needs. Major trucking, logistics, manufacturing and research and development businesses also have a presence in the state. The one thing that all these industries have in common? They all have proprietary information and data that they need to dispose of properly.

That’s where Securis comes in. Companies in the Carolinas know that Securis is a trusted, local business that can be partner for the long-term. Says Pryor Davis, Securis North Carolina’s Vice President, “we’ve been with some of the big banks and health care systems for many years. Some of the hospitals we service require two or three pickups a week to make sure their data is destroyed properly. There’s a secure audit trail of everything we destroy for them. If we were a business that just came in and then left, we would never have been able to build these relationships and work with the companies that we do.”

While Securis is able to provide unparalleled customer service to businesses throughout the Carolinas, service alone is not the only thing that sets the company apart. “A business may call us up asking about paper shredding, which we don’t do. But then we start having a conversation about what we do do and how we’re the best at it,” says Mr. Davis. “Some companies come in and tell a business, ‘we can do your paper shredding but not your data destruction.’ We’re the opposite. We can do data destruction be it degaussing, hard drive shredding, or technology recycling. When we tell businesses this, it’s like a light goes off and we provide a service that they really need but maybe never really thought about.”

 Service to businesses

For many of the companies that work with Securis, there are strict data destruction, privacy, removal and inventory requirements. Securis is the trusted advisor to many of these businesses because of its strict protocols relating to data destruction as well as documentation. It is, in fact, Securis’ strict data destruction standards that sets it apart from its competition – not only the quality of the destruction, but also the standards it adheres to that ensures that data is destroyed to the highest standards.

“Data destruction is what we’re known for,” says Pryor Davis. “While we handle electronics recycling, too, we’ve built a pretty air tight reputation because of data destruction. We know that every job is different, every need is different and every business is looking for something a little different. We pride ourselves on being able to work with anybody. And since we’re in the backyard of a lot of the businesses in North and South Carolina, we can offer a highly competitive price because our transportation and hauling costs are that much lower.”